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Supplying Muriatic Acid to the Southwest and Beyond

Muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid, is the most common chemical used to lower pH in the commercial swimming pool market. Since this acid can also lower total alkalinity levels, it must be handled carefully in order to properly balance the water chemistry of the pool. In order to maintain a consistently clean and safe swimming pool, constant attention must be paid to the water’s chemistry. Although muriatic acid is mostly used to keep pools clean, it also has other various uses for home and business owners alike.

Make Muriatic Acid Your The Last Resort

One way to define muriatic acid is as “multipurpose.” This acid is mostly used in industrial environments but it can also find residential use. Due to its acidity, it remove metal stains, cleaning brass, copper, and iron. It should be used as the absolute final resort, after other safer options have failed. Muriatic acid can also clean brickwork. If your home’s brickwork is facing mold growth or mineral deposits, then muriatic acid can effectively get rid of it. Muriatic acid is mostly used to clean dark stains in pools as well as stains on bathroom and kitchen tiles and grout.

Don’t Forget that Muriatic Acid is Strong!

Before you go ahead and start using muriatic acid for all your household or professional needs, it’s important to explain how to safely use the acid in order to avoid any hazardous outcomes. This is an acid, after all. Acid is corrosive and it can dissolve metals. In fact, muriatic acid is much more acidic than necessary for common tasks. This acid should not be used to unclog drains or remove lime deposits from hard water.

How to Safely Use Muriatic Acid

Now it’s time to talk about instances where it can come in handy. Muriatic acid can be used to remove metal stains, to clean brickwork, or to clean swimming pools. When using the acid, make sure to do so safely. Proper protection such as gloves and face masks can save you from facing dangerous side effects. The acid emits fumes so strong that, if inhaled, can burn your lungs. The acid can also burn skin. In order to avoid these situations, make sure to wear thick clothing as well as safety gloves and masks. And, most importantly, make sure to work in a well-ventilated room in order to keep fresh air circulating around your work area. Understanding how to safely use muriatic acid is the first step towards using it as efficiently as possible. Contact Triple-S Janitorial Supplies today for all your muriatic acid needs.
a container of muriatic acid in the southwest