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Providing Carpet Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals to El Paso and Beyond

Keeping a carpet clean is a full-time job. Carpets are known for attracting dirt and grime as time goes on. For this reason, it’s crucial to make sure your carpet is clean and free from stains on a regular basis. Buildings of all types require clean carpets. With carpet cleaning supplies provided by Triple-S Janitorial Supplies in El Paso, your building’s carpets will be as clean as ever. Not only do we supply the carpet cleaning units, chemicals and brushes as well as parts and accessories, we also offer training services. With the proper knowledge, you’ll be able to use your carpet cleaning supplies as effectively as possible.

Tending to All Residential and Professional Carpet Cleaning Needs

Although vacuums are useful, they don’t literally clean the carpet. This is where carpet cleaning supplies come into play. The two most common carpet cleaning machines are truckmount units and portable extractors. Although both work perfectly in large, commercial spaces, portable extractors are smaller and more convenient for use in homes or apartment complexes. When it comes to keeping the carpets of a home or business clean, it’s necessary to use the right chemicals for the job. This way, you’ll yield the results you’re hoping for without having to work double time.

How to Use Our Products and Chemicals Correctly

Although our available carpet cleaning units are all different, they require similar steps in order for them to be used effectively. Since these units clean and vacuum the carpets, they require. The cleaning step requires specific chemicals in order to yield the cleanest carpet possible. Not all carpets are the same and not all face the same issues. For this reason, Triple-S Janitorial Supplies provide the necessary chemicals for your carpet cleaning unit to work as it’s meant to. From detergents and defoamers to odor control chemicals and carpet protector, we have it all.

After the carpets are cleaned, they’ll need to dry in order for the process to be completed. Triple-S Janitorial Supplies also provides air movers to make the drying process run as smoothly as possible. Not only do we provide carpet cleaning supplies, we also offer chemicals and tools to clean tile and grout!

Avoid Any Pitfalls With Our Help!

A single mistake or lapse of judgment can lead to major, even catastrophic issues. Both beginners and experts can learn something new when it comes to carpet cleaning supplies. Triple-S Janitorial Services proudly offers training services at our El Paso location. Not only do we supply all the products you could need, we will also gladly show you how to use said products as efficiently as possible!

Carpet Cleaning Supplies Provided by Triple-S Janitorial Supplies:

  • Chemicals
  • Truckmounts & Portable Units
  • Carpet Bonnets & Brushes
  • Air Movers
  • Wands
  • Parts & Accessories

Purchasing Carpet Cleaning Supplies from Triple-S Janitorial Supplies

Although Triple-S Janitorial Supplies is an El Paso-based distributor, we are also able to ship our products all across the nation. We make this easy for our clients. All you have to do is peruse our online catalog. Once you’re ready to check out, just click the checkout button. In no time, your product will arrive and you’ll be able to get to cleaning sooner rather than later! We also provide free service calls. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, reach out to our team. We’ll be glad to help! Contact Triple-S Janitorial Supplies today.
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